The CTWV chapter has supported the local community since its inception. Currently, we are supporting the Briggs Animal Adoption Center.

Information on the Briggs Animal Adoption Center

The James P. and Anna C. Briggs Animal Adoption Center and Sanctuary's (BAAC) first phase of construction was completed in 2000, and the second phase was completed in 2006. In 2013 we renovated our Humane Education Building (shown on the right in the photo above) located on the NHES Campus near the BAAC building. The BAAC is named in honor of James and Anna C. Briggs, husband and wife, who dedicated their lives to improving the plight of homeless animals in our Nation.

Given the above, the BAAC is an incarnation of Mr. and Mrs. Briggs’ guiding philosophy:

"Companion animals are sentient creatures who have intrinsic value in and of themselves. Therefore, our stewardship includes sanctity for their individual lives, and we will not participate in the killing of one animal in order to 'make room' for another animal. But rather, we will remain committed to each animal that comes into our care until such time as an appropriate adoptive home can be found, because this is part of the humane solution to ending animal suffering."

The BAAC is a program of the National Humane Education Society (NHES) which was founded by Anna C. Briggs in 1948. The BAAC’s central mission is to place companion animals in loving homes with compassionate people who will make lifelong commitments to them by accepting them as a member of their family.

The BAAC relies solely on charitable contributions to achieve its mission and does not receive any operating funds from local, state or federal governments to carry out its program servcies which include:

Animal Intake Services
Comprehensive Pre-adoptive Healthcare Services
Mandatory Spay/Neuter before Adoption, including Early-Age Spay/Neuter
Socialization—and Initial Canine Obedience Training
Comprehensive Adoption Services
Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Assistance via its sister program, Spay Today

For more information, visit the BAAC website.