2nd Quarter Chapter Meeting

June 14, 2019
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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American Public University System
393 North Lawrence Street
Charles Town, WV 25414

The Payroll Checklist:  Save Time and Ensure Accuracy Eith Each Cycle.

Are you currently using a Payroll Checklist?  This document comes in many forms and can be managed by many people.  What are the best practices?  What is essential for the checklist?  Let’s explore all of the possibilities and organize our payroll processing!

We will review:

  • What belongs on the checklist?
  • How do we connect our checklist to our procedures? 
  • What options do we have for storage and management our checklist?  (Excel, OneNote, Paper, etc.)
  • How do we keep up with changes?
  • What other points in the year would a checklist be helpful? (supplemental payrolls, month end, quarter end, year-end, etc.)

Discussing these options along with the flow of our processes will allow us to stay ahead of any issues and not become derailed by unexpected problems.  A well-documented and organized checklist can be a lifesaver for a payroll professional.

Katie Horvat, CPP
 is a current member of the APA and WMAC-APA.  After spending 8 years in the Marriott International payroll department, Katie applied her knowledge of system testing to a new role as an Implementation Specialist for Payroll Network.  She then spent three years as a Payroll Tax & Compliance Supervisor with CACI, Inc.  Katie returned to Payroll Network to assist in rolling out a new cloud-based platform in 2013.  She now works for Kaiser Permanente as a Payroll Team Lead and assisted in their efforts to transition from a back-office system to a web-based system in 2016.  Katie has taught for the WMAC-APA study group and well as for the PayTrain College and University courses and Prince George’s Community College.  Katie is currently the Director of Communications and Chair of Community Outreach for the WMAC.


Community Outreach:
Our charity for this month is the Local Office On Aging.  This is the charity for the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference.  They strive to do the following:

  • Enhance the quality of life in the home
  • Help individuals stay in their homes and avoid early institutionalization
  • Provide support to caregivers of the elderly
  • Advocate for quality services, medical care, and housing for the elderly.

Here are some of the wish list items:

  • small lap blankets
  • bars of soap any brand
  • boxes of tissues
  • tubes of toothpaste
  • toothbrushes – individually packed work best
  • small flashlights with batteries
  • word puzzle books
  • bottles of shampoo
  • bottles of lotion
  • jars of peanut butter
  • cans of tuna
  • cans of chicken
  • 6/8 count packages of individually wrapped crackers
  • small packages of cookies
  • boxes of individual packaged oatmeal or cream of wheat or grits
  • packages of 6 individual serving fruit cups
  • packages of 6 individual serving pudding
  • packages of 6 individual serving applesauce
  • ladies deodorant
  • cans of shaving cream
  • bags of individually wrapped candy (hard or chocolate)
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizers
  • nail clippers
  • batteries
  • combs
  • pens
  • note pads
  • book of stamps